Ysance delivers two complementary services: editing a people-based marketing platform (Ysance DMP), a pioneer in its category, and integrating a data-centric digital platform (Ysance Digital Services). Powering a successful omnichannel marketing transition, Ysance DMP reconciles customer data into coherent individual profiles, enriches them, and enables their segmentation and 1 to 1 activation over all communication channels, both on and offline. Ysance Digital Services supports companies throughout their transformation into data driven companies centered on their customers: Big Data, Data integration, Data architecture.

Dial Once is an intelligent communication platform that offers a unified customer journey over all communication channels. Its visual SVI solution helps companies improve their customer service and accelerate their digital transformation as well as reduce the costs of handling inbound calls.

WOCAS is short for “What our Customers Are Saying”. We are committed to unearthing the insights of the authentic customer experience. By unleashing actionable insights from customer contacts, WOCAS helps business leaders make better decisions in favor of their customers. We move the customer experience to the heart of your business.